Christian Sinclair

sinclairChristian Sinclair
Assistant Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Arizona
Director, Kurdish Language & Culture Studies (summer) program, University of Arizona
President, Kurdish Studies Association

Tel: +1 520 621 5450 | office
E-mail: christian dot sinclair at arizona dot edu
Twitter: @sinclair_c

Research Interests:

Kurdish Studies, particularly: Kurdish media, Kurdish politics in Syria, language policy and planning, ethnic identity & nationalism; human rights; minority rights; new media.

Recent Publications:

Kurds Will No Longer “Be Quiet.” Kurdish Review, 1 (4), December 2011.

The Evolution of Kurdish Politics in Syria, Middle East Report, 31 August 2011.

Syrian Kurds in Europe, 2010: migration, asylum, and deportation, Kurdistan Commentary, 19 December 2010.

Recent Presentations:

  • Debating a Unified Kurdish Language, 3rd Kurdish Youth Festival, Washington, DC, January 2012 (upcoming)
  • Media Globalization and “Repression 2.0” in the Middle East: A Closer Look at the Revolution in Syria, invited lecture, Iowa State University, October 2011
  • Civil Disobedience & Revolution: The Struggle for Kurdish Human Rights in Turkey and Syria, invited lecture, Law Students United for Human Rights, Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona, September 2011
  • New Media, New Repression: The Silencing of Kurdish Voices in Syria, CMES/NES Colloquium Series, University of Arizona, April 2011
  • Broadcasting False Information: Silencing of Kurdish Voices in Syria, New Voices, New Media, New Agendas? Pluralism and Particularism in the Middle East and North Africa, Workshop hosted by Zentrum Orientalische, Berlin, February 2011
  • Kurdish Political and Cultural Rights in Syria, 2nd Kurdish Youth Festival, Dallas, TX, January 2011.
  • The Kurds Under the Bashar al-Assad Regime in Syria, Paper presented at the Middle East Studies Association conference, San Diego, Nov 2010
  • Turkey: Language Policy, Media, and Kurdish, Paper presented at the 1st North American Conference on the Kurdish Language, Los Angeles, CA, November 2010.
  • New Technology and the Globalization of Kurdish Culture, invited lecture, Iowa State University, October 2010.
  • The Kurds: An Invisible Nation in the Middle East, CMES Summer Institute, Tucson, AZ, July 2010.
  • Turkey and the Kurds: Media Wars in the Diaspora, invited lecture, September 2009, Iowa State University, Ames, IA.
  • Re-framing Kurdish Identity: Language, Politics and New Media, April 2009, Conference paper at The Kurds and Kurdistan: Identity, Politics, and Culture. University of Exeter, Exeter, England

Courses Taught:
Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa
Contemporary Ethnography of the Middle East
Intercultural Communication: Middle East
Kurdish Society and Culture

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