India Travel Tips (1)

To see and research India, you require legal passport and visa to India. It’s always a good idea to keep photocopy of passport and other traveling documents. Always have a photocopy of your passport (with private detail and picture ), copy of this webpage with your own Indian Visa, a photocopy of your travel insurance plan, and maintain a record of this traveller’s cheques you’ve exchanged, in which they had been encashed, the quantity and serial number rather than keep them collectively.

India Travel Tips (1)

To visit particular destinations in India one requires extra licenses like Andaman Islands, Gujarat, Ladakh, Kerala, and much more. Check with your travel agent or embassy whilst planning your trip.

India Travel Tips (1)
India Travel Tips (1)


It’s essential to maintain your cash and travel documents collectively. India transportation process is quite too but crowded also. So beware of pick pockets and thieves in trains, buses and crowded areas. Never keep your cash at the same area. In the event your passport is lost or stolen, instantly lodge FIR in the local police station and inform your country’s embassy or consulate. While travel alone do not familiarize with unidentified men and women. Do not encourage beggars.


It’s absolutely safe to go to India anytime throughout the year. But travel India is determined by the areas of India you wish to research. November-March is (by far) the best time to see the majority of the nation India. For a trip to the north west – mountainous areas of India, the weeks of April to October better satisfied as temperatures are normally cooler in north west. Researching south part of India the very best months are between November to January since the south is trendiest in those months.

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If you are traveling India during summer or spring, you’re going to want to adhere to the mountain stations (60-70 F/ 15-21 C). Throughout the wintermonths, prevent Kashmir (30-45 F/0-7 C), unless you are going skiing, and Ladakh, among the coldest populated areas on Earth.


While intending to go to India during summers at the period of March to June, take light cotton clothing. India summers are too sexy. An individual can wear shorts too. Girls should dress conservatively. Shorts and tight revealing clothing should be prevented for ladies. While visiting North India during summers kindly take some warms clothes since it’s cold there.

During winters, notably North India at the period of October to February pack several woolen clothing and hot inners.

During rainy seasons, the humidity level is extremely high, and therefore don’t wear artificial clothes. It is a good idea to wear cotton clothing in this year.

Kindly do not wear your footwear whilst seeing places of worship.

Health Precautions

India is renowned for its beautiful cuisine. Nonetheless, it’s extremely important to listen the way the food is cooked, stored and served. Ensure food is cooked in fresh hygienic location. Always eat fresh food that is cooked. Strictly avoid road food and cut veggies. Proceed into a restaurant that is clean, particularly in summers. Eat balanced and healthful meals. Never consume anything in the roadside sellers. There are high odds of this food being polluted.

Always carry water bottle with you while traveling and if needed only purchase known brander nutrient water. If you would like juice, go searching for branded ones being marketed in tetra packs.

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In summers because its too sexy, always carry umbrella when at all possible. Maintain decent sunscreen and sun block lotion of SPF 15 or greater.

Should you fall sick, see the doc and remain cool.