KSA news for 2015

Dear KSA colleagues,

Many thanks to all of you who attended the Kurdish Studies Association meeting at MESA this year. We had a record turnout, which reflects the growing importance of Kurdish Studies. I hope too that you all enjoyed the reception afterwards at Levante’s. It was great to see so many new faces in DC – at the meeting, at the reception, and throughout the four days of the MESA conference. We hope to continue to build our presence at MESA.

During MESA 2015 in Denver (November 21-24), KSA will hold its annual meeting and we would like to host another reception for KSA members and guests. KSA is also going to begin a Kurdish Studies book award and an award for best graduate paper presentation at MESA. As the field of Kurdish Studies continues to grow, KSA will grow too, taking on new projects and moving forward to better serve its constituents. In order to do that though, KSA needs to begin collecting dues and formalizing its membership base.

Beginning in January 2015, dues will be collected annually at a rate of $30 ($15 for full-time students) and be valid for the remainder of the calendar year paid. Only current paid members will be allowed to propose panels, submit papers for a sponsored panel, vote on important KSA issues, submit a book or paper for an award, or be eligible to serve on award committees. Funds collected through membership dues will be used primarily for annual KSA membership with MESA, room rental at the annual MESA meeting, sponsorship of MESA-related events (ie films, guest speakers, receptions), and sponsorship of a KSA graduate student panel. The dues portal should be up and running by the end of this month.

Our first order of business for the new year is to set up two committees. One for the book award and one for the graduate paper award. If you are interested in serving on either committee, please send me an email (christian dot sinclair at arizona dot edu) by January 1, 2015. The KSA executive board will review names and select committee members. During this first year of service, committee members will have the task of setting up guidelines for each of the awards in addition to then selecting awardees.

Looking forward to a productive 2015 with all of you!



Christian Sinclair
President, Kurdish Studies Association

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