Kurdish Studies Association at MESA

14-DC logo colorThe Middle East Studies Association meeting is around the corner. It will take place in Washington, DC from November 22 to 25. The Kurdish Studies Association will host the following events:

Saturday, November 22
Annual meeting
2-3pm in Coolidge (M) at the conference hotel

Special guest speakers:

>Mehmet Yüksel, US representative from the People’s Democratic Party (HDP)
>Mutlu Çiviroğlu, Washington-based journalist will provide update on Kobanê

Kurdish Studies Association reception to follow, 3.30-5pm. Location to be announced at meeting.

Sunday, November 23
11am to 1pm
Conflict, Displacement and the Transformation of Kurdish Identity in Turkey: Negotiating Linguistic and Religious Identity(ies)

Organized by Mehmet Kurt

Sponsored by Kurdish Studies Association (KSA)

Chair: Christian Sinclair, U Arizona


Gulay Turkmen, Yale U–United in Religion, Divided by Ethnicity: The Failure of Islam as a Supranational Identity in the Kurdish-Turkish Conflict in Turkey

Mehmet Kurt, Selcuk U–Between Radical Islam and Kurdishness: An Ethnography of Kurdish Hizbullah in Turkey

Yeşim Mutlu, Middle East Technical U–Negotiating Kurdishness Through Language: The Case of Internally Displaced Kurdish Youngsters within the Education System in Turkey

Birgul Yilmaz, SOAS, U London– Language, Identity and Conflict in Turkey: Language Rights and Activism as a Catalyst of Democratization, Political Negotiation and Resistance

Sunday, November 23
Identity, Language, Media, and Memory: Kurds in the US Diaspora

Organized by Christian Sinclair

Sponsored by Kurdish Studies Association (KSA)


Aynur de Rouen, Binghamton U SUNY– Coming to America: Kurdish Diaspora in the United States

Stan Thangaraj, City Col of New York– Navigating Empire(s) Through Religion and Culture: Muslim Kurdish American Women and Challenging Power(s)

Christian Sinclair, U Arizona–Infusing Media Rhythms into the Diasporic Space: Kurds and Media Production in the US

Amir Sharifi, CSU Long Beach– The Role of Heritage Language in Identity Construction Among Diasporic Kurds in the United States

For more information about the MESA meeting in DC, go to: mesa.arizona.edu


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