Kurdish Studies Association events at MESA/New Orleans

2013-Logo-w-datesKurdish Studies Association events for MESA
If you are attending this year’s MESA conference in New Orleans, please join us at the following KSA events:

Thursday, October 10
Kurdish Studies Association General Meeting
Napoleon DC (3rd floor)

Friday, October 11
KSA sponsored film screening: About 111 Girls
MESA FilmFest venue

Saturday, October 12
KSA lunch gathering
Location: TBA

Saturday, October 12
Location: check MESA program
KSA sponsored panel

‘Othering’ and Kurds: Exploring Displacement, Belonging, and Resistance

Chair: Christian Sinclair, U Arizona
Discussant: Diane E. King, Ohio State U/U Kentucky

–Ozge Sensoy Bahar, UIUC–“Back Then and Now”: Experiences of Armed Conflict, Migration, and Its Aftermath through the Eyes of Kurdish Migrant Women

–Mehmet Kurt (panel organizer), Bingöl U–Changing Social Structure in Kurdish Border Towns: The Reflections of State-Society Relations on Identity Formation

–Ipek Demir, U Leicester, UK–Translating and Transforming Kurdishness in Diaspora

–Mija Sanders, U Arizona/ Mercy Corps–Being a Kurdish Transgender Woman Sex-Worker in Diyarbakir: Narratives of Displacement, Belonging, and Resistance



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